Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Empire Strikes Back



So many people are calling Infinity War Marvel's Empire. Damn straight. So good, dark / moving yet fun. I honestly think Infinity War is better.

Infinity War is fun. But can you really sit down, type and submit a comment saying its better than Empire? Infinity War is incredibly incoherent and action heavy. There's no soul to it at all. Empire has complex character development and expands on the mythology of the world. Empire sets up Jedi in the last 10 minutes only but the rest feels like its own story, Infinity War just feels like half a movie and is constantly setting up Avengers 4.

This Avengers movie is the most audacious movie in history. So bold and daring and just damn cool. It really is Marvel's own Empire Strikes Back in all the best ways.

Y'all be tripping. Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film ever, nearly the best movie ever. Infinity War is dope, but not on the same level.

We're talking about art here. Nothing's "better", nothing's "worse". It's all in the mind, y'know. I simply enjoyed Infinity War more. Never been a Star Wars guy. Now come and crucify me because of my opinion. I'm waiting.


No one should crucify you for your honest opinion. I am seeing this Infinity War tomorrow and it has a tall mountain to climb to surpass The Empire Strikes Back. I enter with an open mind but???

Avengers wins, in my opinion, such an emotional epic ride with a 10 year legacy behind it. It's almost unfair to make such comparisons, just be happy we get to experience something like this.


While Infinity War is really good, I don't think it necessarily stands alone very well. Can someone just jump on it without seeing A1-2, Cap 1-3, Thor 3, etc.? As a lifelong Marvel Comics reader, and a enthusiastic person about the movies (I haven't loved or even liked, everything they've done), Infinity War was just fantastic, but it doesn't topple Empire. It'll reign supreme.

Agree, Avengers wins because it is an emotional epic ride and every penny hits the screen. Meaning the action and set pieces are the best ever.


This is an entertaining movie but it jumps from scene to scene and never seems to complete a thought without jumping to the next action sequence. It is more of a set piece for the next sequel than its own strong story. It does provide some good acting and great visuals but The Empire Strikes back is still a far superior film. Avenger fans will prefer it but I guess most movie fans will still prefer Empire.

Avengers Infinity War is the better movie. It's not just because it's so fresh in our minds or that the FX are lightyears better it's because it pays off TEN films not just one. And we knew Han was going to be fine. Infinity War moved me to tears.

Omg, the fact that people are claiming that IW is a better film than Empire Strikes Back is baffling. I've seen it twice already, and while it is good, I wouldn't even go as far as considering it great. Empire is beyond great, it's a masterpiece and an ALL-TIME great. IW is... well it's kinda good I guess.

Take a bow Marvel. You made a freakin masterpiece.

(spoilers. you've been warned) Oh, yeah, Ethan8, everyone's gonna stay dead. For. Sure. As I said, I'm not a Star Wars guy. I just didn't like it, at all. But seriously? Actually, they wanted to keep Han dead, y'know. All those guys from Infinity War? They're, OBVIOUSLY, going to resurrect.

infinity war does an impressive job balancing its massive story,but in the end theirs just to much go on for it not to feel a little bloated and clunky.Empire balances every thing better. infinity war may be bigger and more ambitious but empire expands on the original while adding new elements and it does this better then any other move I've seen.

Infinity War does indeed do an impressive job balancing everything. People are comparing it to Empire but frankly Empire isn't a tenth as dark as Infinity War. Add the fact that it pays off about ten years of movies and you have to give Avengers the edge.

Empire by far.

Ironically, Empire is the film with more balance.

Avengers is a film that at times is a nut punch but it was 100% a thrill ride. Better than anything Star Wars.

Empire, and it's not even close.

Infinity War is a haunting masterpiece to be sure.

Avengers is just so damn great. Yet, you have to respect Empire especially after you see what Disney has been doing to modern Star Wars.

Avengers: Infinity War (modern classic) pleases my adult sensibilities. Empire (boomer classic) pleased me greatly as a kid. Voting as a grown up here.

the best movies from these two franchises (so far?); infinity war is much more impressive (and reminds me of hxh in a not necessarily negative way, which is always a plu), but i like both

Avengers: Infinity War is, as of right now, the magnum opus of the superhero film genre in my honest opinion. I have been a huge MCU fan ever since I was 14 years old. It mixes the drama, action, and comedy splendidly. The film has extraordinary visual effects, action sequences, emotional depth, and characters that have evolved for a decade since the release of "Iron Man" (2008).

Infinity War for me. Empire is pretty cool. I really want to know why SquareMaster even watched this movie. He prolly loved the fuck out of it but comes on here and shits on the MCU hahahahahahaha

Empire by far. Infinity War was good only the first time I saw it. Its a mediocre movie which has no idea what it wants to be.

The masterpiece known as Infinity War is now safely in my collection a few shelves ABOVE my Star Wars stuff. Can't wait for Endgame!

Avengers for me also..

The fact that so many are putting Avengers ahead of Empire us sacrilegious.

Avengers hits and rates ahead of Empire because it's the better film. Pure and simple.

After rewatching both of these movies back to back and analyzing them, I came to the decision I like Infinity War the best. I think the fact that I had to think about it is amazing. The sheer size of the action in IF is mind blowing. If Infinity War is my #1, then Empire Strikes Back is a close #2.

Avengers did dark better. In fact, all the Avenger films do everything better.

Infinity War was a mediocre mess. Empire Strikes Back is a great film.

Both shape a generation. A lot of overlap but Infinity War is just a better film overall.

Star Wars is overrated mediocre boring, Infinity War > Every Star Wars franchise.

Empire Strikes Back is a masterpiece.

Infinity war was garbage

Oh god. I'm pretty sure Eagle is going to be pissed off. I'm already as well.

Infinity War is superior but what the hell is going on here?

“Oh god. I'm pretty sure Eagle is going to be pissed off. I'm already as well.” You got that right, *sighs*.

Why make the Eagle angry?

Bottom line is that both are great movies. So why agitate people that already like your movie?

Empire it's not even fair really. Sorry Infinity War.

Yes, take a bow Marvel. You made a freakin' masterpiece.

Star Wars is good but infinity war is much watchable and entertainment value.

Infinity War is amount of best watchable and characters.

Infinity War is amount of best watchable and characters.

Empire and it’s not even remotely close lol.

Avengers infinity war advances the best action watchable film of all source and beyond Star Wars is great too.

logan is the only marvel film comparable to empire

Infinity War is much better and superior.

Empire. Not even close.

Infinity War is tad bit more rewatchable and has better action. But Empire has better story, characters and most imporatantly it has soul. Empire is a landmark film that will be remembered forever. IW will be forgotten in like 5 years. The only CBM comparable to the Ep.IV and V is The Dark Knight.

Infinity War is the opposite owns this I’m every way.

Infinity War was far terminal action impact of the saga, empire was good but not as legal form as one of the best to the collection of MCU.

Love both but infinity war.

Infinity War not even close.

If it weren’t for The Empire Strikes Back, The MCU would not even be a thing.

Infinity War mostly far ironical that proving here.

Its definitely empire strikes back

Without any hesitaion. Empire strikes strikes back

Empire strikes back by farrrrrrrrrr

Empire 365 days a year and 366 days a year when its leap year

Empire 365 days a year and 366 days a year when its leap year

Such good cinema. Will we ever get great blockbusters ever again now that movie theatres are niche at best? BIG home release will limit budgets from here on out.