Avengers: Infinity War vs. X2



Infinity War over the overrated none compelling X2 film.

Both are top of the line and superb but Infinity War brings more to the table.

I'll go Infinity War. I respect X2 but have never loved it.

It almost hurt me to type something like this, but my arrow's pointing the same way as MoronLives and Cxfatespammer today. (And Wade, but I guess Wade's alright)

X-2 purely because it's against MoronLives and Cxfatespammer but I still respect Tommy and Wade's decision, haha.

X2 took the genre to the next level. Then, Infinity War took it to the level PAST that. Great films do that.

Infinity War is stronger on every level and simply X2 isn't anything captivating anywhere, certainly the weakest film ever.


X2 sucks, Infinity War all the way.

X2 is still the best X-Film and it's greatness abounds. Yet, Infinity War is the pinnacle of superhero films.

@Drogon24 is a dogshit asshole.

X2 is so much more enjoyable

Infinity War absolutely crushes here.

Infinity War is total awesomeness, X2 been slightly the weakest of the x-men saga.

X2 is the better film overall but Infinity War is the more intense epic.

X2 is great but infinity war.

Avengers: Infinity War beats any X-Men movie

I enjoy X2, even more than the original. but Infinity War is the best Marvel movie so far