Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Godfather



Two of the greatest superior films ever made...

Lol. The Godfather is a masterpiece. Infinity War was absolutely terrible.

Yes, two of the greatest films ever made and superior to 99% of everything.

Infinity War is far the superior film of the greatest film ever, overall the Godfather is great but Infinity War is certainly the better film.

Infinity War was trash.

It is an insult to compare a masterpiece like The Godfather to a trash like IW.

Godfather is only 10 spots ahead on my chart which is odd considering I think much more highly of it than Infinity War

@Drogon24 is a dogshit asshole, Infinity War isn't anywhere trash neither terrible it is beyond the best MCU films of the saga above the years, Infinity War is far the best film of the year.

Infinity War is a terrible film, the story was a mess and the characters are shallow, but if you want to turn your brain off and just enjoy some cgi crapfest, then IW (and its sequel) then IW is perfect for you. Anyway, The Godfather FTW.

I don't know about the characters being shallow, but I understand what you mean when you say it is a mess of a story.

Love, love The Godfather...but I'm an MCU mark....Infinity War it is!

The Godfather ofcourse. IMDB lists are inaccurate representation of the populations opinion.

The Godfather by a landslide. It did everything better. It's better structured, better written, has better characters, better performances, it's shot better, etc. Infinity War has literally nothing on this film

Is this a joke? Godfather by a million light years.

No it’s not a joke. I agree. Easily The Godfather.

Spite by Godfather