Avengers: Infinity War vs. Memento



Both have the greatest foremost stories ever written but for now I'm choosing Memento.

Avengers: Infinity War beats most let alone an average gimmick movie that's only remembered for how it was told.

Memento by far. Infinity War was terrible.

Infinity War is better by leaps and bounds. Adding to the Avengers classics. Actual entertainment.

Both are top 50....but I gotta go with the MCU...

Memento, without hesitation, brilliant storytelling and memorable characters that completely demolish another soulless, derivative Marvel outing.

Avengers: Infinity War is by far the better film. Most MCU outclasses just about any soulless Nolan effort if you're being honest.

Memento, no contest. Infinity War was soulless fun, and man, it's obviously just a cash-grab flick, so why to bother? Memento is Nolan at the top of his game. Brilliant effort in every way. It's just on another level, something that Marvel couldn't even dream of reaching. Plus it got a David Bowie in the end credits, so y'know, great music taste there, Nolan.

I agree with everything Tommy said. Infinity War is a fun spectacle but a flawed movie, Memento is a masterpiece.

Avengers: Infinity War is the true masterpiece. JJ nailed it calling Memento nothing but a gimmick move that Seinfeld did better.

Love Infinity War and the MCU but it can't beat Chris Nolan at his best. Memento takes it here.