Avengers: Infinity War vs. Avengers: Endgame



Best to best but this match up I’m picking Endgame.

Honestly, I'm not a big Marvel fan. It's fine as mindless entertainment but I never understood a lot of the buzz it generates from more than your typical mainstream audience. But there's enough ambition in these films for me to admire them and more than a few movies are okay. Whenever a new movie comes out, I always try to be objective and disconnect myself from the hype. I like having an objective viewpoint when watching a Marvel movie- getting lost in the spectacle while also determining the positives and negatives. I'm one of the rare people who didn't love Infinity War. It's fine and has great character interactions and action set pieces but is ultimately a mess with too many plot threads, not enough substance and just feels like set-up for Endgame. You could, however, make the case that it's better than Endgame because the sheer scope is felt more. But, to me, having the characters mostly together creates focus which is why I'm making the case that Endgame is the better film. It is a very good movie. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worthy of the 'Epic' tagline. While Infinity War is consistently all over the place in tone and scope, Endgame is a movie of three acts. The first act is surprisingly dialogue driven and kinda emotional. Infinity War showed us the lighter side of the characters, now we have hopelessness and depth. It's brave making a movie of this size going out to such a huge demographic and having a third being dedicated to characters talking. Then we have the second act which, like the entirity of the predecessor is very good and has some great moments but also very convoluted and the logic it tried to imply is confusing. But all is given when we get to the climax. Normally, I hate the big CGI-heavy battle sequences of these type of films but here it's Epic and satisfying. And, just to be perfectly balanced (no pun intended), the ending has some emotional moments. I personally didn't cry, but man, almost everyone in my screening was sobbing. Overall, it's great that we have a complete story of Infinity War and Endgame and this 11 year experiment by Marvel is very satisfying in its conclusion. The MCU could end here and I would be glad but while the money is rolling in, there's no stopping Disney.

Yeah, this should be closer than it is. Infinity War is relentless, Endgame schmaltzy. Maybe it's earned schmaltz, but it lays it on a little too thick at times. Still a grand film through its own series of self-tributaries, but it dips into eh a lot. Infinity War, inevitably.


Oh man, I let my ranking decide!


For now I like Part 1 better. Seeing Endgame on Monday as well.

Infinity War may be the great buildup, but Endgame is the payoff that sticks the landing

Infinity War was epic action, but Endgame was generally epic. Not only I love the battles, but I love the character work as well. Downey Jr is great, and I loved to see Ant-Man and Captain Marvel in there. Endgame is far from being a cinematic masterpiece, but it's epic enough, it overcame Infinity War and it's certainly the best Marvel movie. It's magic fun, really.

(SPOILER ALERT!) Endgame's final hour is made up of some of the greatest moments we've ever seen in comic book movie history. From Cap wielding Mjolnir, to the return of the dusted characters, Tony's big moment, etc. Epic moment after epic moment. But unfortunately, that last hour is all Endgame really has going for it. And it is an incredibly well done last hour. But it's the first two hours that sunk the movie for me. The marketing and the first 20 minutes of the movie seemed to be setting up a very dark and serious tone, which after Infinity War, seemed appropriate. But that isn't what we got. Much of the first two hours reminded me of a modern sitcom, from Thor playing fortnite to Hulk dabbing. I'm also not a fan of what has been done to Thor, especially when he had just become a favorite after Ragnarok and Infinity War. I enjoyed the callbacks to previous movies, but even that became a bit played out after a while. All in all, Endgame has some truly incredible moments that will go down in CBM history, but I just wish they were in a better movie. Infinity War takes this matchup for me, and it's really a no-brainer. IW isn't perfect and no movie is, but it had great pacing, a reasonable runtime, an amazing villain (Thanos didn't really play a huge part in Endgame), and a nice balance of humor that didn't feel like it was repeatedly being shoved down my throat.

(spoiler alert ) This movie is amazing and is pure fun , but the minor points let it down like the whole time travel aspect is just messed up so full of plot holes , they could have saved tony by going back in the past and bringing him into the future they did it with gormora and nebula killed her past self so the whole if they did that with tony will mess up the timeline is incorrect as they did it with two characters without affecting anything and also thanos past self was killed in the battle so if did affect the timeline the original snap wouldn't have happened. No hulk major fight was a let down , they did really get stark and rogers to become friends . Felt they just worked together and nothing more . Pepper potts was annoying in every scene

The juice was worth the squeeze...

Infinity War easily. One was somewhat close to the great source material of The Infinity Gauntlet with some unfortunate changes that probably led to the legs being cut from Endgame which is just off the rails and felt like the first Marvel movie permeated by Disney.

Endgame had better point of the trilogy so it easily wins here.

Endgame beats all other movies. It's everything I ever wanted as a superhero fan.

That's a hard one, that's a real hard one. I think Endgame is an amazing, emotional climax to this 10+ year storyline, but there's also some weird plot inconsistencies and some bloat to it that make it flawed on it's own. Infinity War, however, is leaner, tighter, and feels more unique, so I'd have to give it to Infinity War -- but it's so freaking close!

Endgame is the best chapter of the series.

Perfect companion films and five of the greatest hours in cinema history.

Infinity War easily. Endgame was ok at best.

Endgame easily.

Infinity War is the better movie, period. Endgame has many many flaws including poor conclusions for beloved characters. Good film, don't get me wrong but strange choices to finish.

Endgame is the better film period.

I will say that Endgame is the best installment of the ending chapter here, mostly both are separate through 1 through 2, Endgame easily wins this one here.

Hate to pick the one where the bad guy wins but Infinity War is the better film. Cool ending but Endgame feels like it got away from the Russo Brothers.

Endgame is basically the best of the conclusion of the trilogy.

Endgame is cool but I think Infinity War is a little better.

Both were great but Endgame is the biggest better of the complete franchise.


Endgame. IW was overrated


Infinity War.

Absolutely love both but endgame had an more impressively conclusion here.

Absolutely love both but endgame had an more impressively conclusion here.

Love both but infinity war

Both are very flawed,i think infinity war is better.

Endgame is incredibly good but infinity war is definitely the better well storyline which would go and much watchable.

Infinity War by far.

Infinity War.

Infinity War was the official BEST MOVIE of 2018. Whereas Endgame was only TOP TEN material for 2019. So, Infinity War has to be considered the better movie.

Definitely Avengers Endgame in this category. Endgame heavily improved upon the flaws of Avengers Infinity War which was drowning itself with excessive humor, this was clever at first, but then quickly became exhausting and at times cringeworthy. Endgame has its awkward moments as well, however it had a more emotional and satisfying conclusion than Infinity War which is what I look forward to in comic book movies.

The fact commit that infinity war is far modern better because it’s the greatest massive storyline ever environment such as mostly determined above the modern references of the comics to put above similar to film somehow endgame may have some unproven issues including some flaws but still great film but anyways always admit of infinity war would be the best unique film.

Endgame finished the story poorly in all honesty. Infinity War was a game changer. Endgame was a cop out leaving both Cap and Iron Man rather unsatisfying conclusions.

Infinity War by further miles.

Upon reflection, Infinity War is STILL the better movie, no question about it. Endgame was a rather poor conclusions for too many beloved characters. Out of character at times as well.

Endgame is one of my favourite films.

both are total shit but infinity war is less shit

Endhame is the most disappointed movie of all time for me but infinity war delievers but still infinity war isn't perfect , if i have to give it rating i would give it 7, despite of being the best movie of marvel

I love these two films, and I consider them near-equals, but while I believe that Infinity War is the overall better film, I SLIGHTLY prefer Endgame.

Avengers: Infinity War is so great that Avengers: Endgame although still great can’t match it’s predecessor

infinity war is great and endgame is slightly better

IW stomps, EG is still the weakest avengers movie and IW is the best one


I'm going to go with Endgame, mostly because it achieved the impossible.

Endgame wins here for a number of reasons. Despite a longer runtime it was much better paced, also the huge climatic battle was one of the best moments in any Marvel movie. It's like a dream come true. Infinity war was great, but kind of dragged at the end.

Infinity War is a far better film. Easily weaves several different storylines to epic proportions, makes an extremely well-developed and interesting villain-protagonist, and has one of the best endings to a superhero movie out there. Endgame quite literally turns that well-developed villain into a one-dimensional joke of a character who literally just serves as a contradiction to what his character originally stood for. Then you have the inconsistent pacing, the weird characterization for certain characters, and blatant nostalgia bait which isn't really needed there, and you have a trainwreck of a film. Infinity War does almost everything right. So Avengers: Infinity War wins here

Infinity War is just the best. Endgame is very good as well. I would probably say Infinity War by a slight margin for now

Infinity War had some problems with the treatment of Hulk especially but still a very good movie. Captain Marvel's intro could have been done in a way that kept all fans, just had to power level her with Hulk and Thor, but Marvel decided instead they had to destroy all the legacy male characters and make her Superman. Endgame breaks everything, it's a good watch but I can't stand what it does to characters. Pepper Potts spends a decade trying to stop Tony Stark being a hero then turns up in a costume...ridiculous.