Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King



Avengers Infinity War did it better. More invested and more diversely cool. If there was any justice Oscar would be paying attention this time as well.

I would pick Fellowship over Infinity War, but Infinity War tops Return of the King..

I'm going with Infinity War here. Holy shit, Return of the King was an infinity movie. Of course, it's not completely terrible, awful, nor something like that. Just not my kind of movie. Whatever, I hate it.

TROTK stomps Infinity War. People are letting the hype blind them. Despite taking place on planets across the universe, Infinity War feels like a tiny film compared to the gigantic scope of The Return of the King. The acting, writing and direction of Infinity War is mediocre compared to that of TROTK. That being said, Infinity War is possibly my favourite MCU movie so far and Thanos is one of the all time great villains.

The Return of the King

Infinity war is great but return of the king might be my favourite movie.

Return of the king easily

Infinity War wins because the overall universe is deeper.

TTT > FOTR >> ROTK >= IW > the rest of the mcu


The Return of the King over Infinity War even though Infinity is Marvel at its best.