Avengers: Infinity War vs. There Will Be Blood



Avengers Infinity War for sure. A big hole in Daniel Day-Lewis' overrated resume is that he never appeared in a Marvel film. Seriously.

As much as I like Infinity War, There Will Be Blood is a much better film.

Infinity War anyday.


Infinity War was garbage. TWBB is a masterpiece.

TWBB is one of the greatest movies of all time.

There Will Be Dust! Infinity War is the better film overall.

TWBB is a masterpiece.

This is disgusting. There Will Be Blood is too good for the Marvel fanboys.

Fight fight fight! BTW- Infinity War really is the better movie.

There Will Be Blood is brilliant but it’s no way neither beating infinity war here.

Avengers all day long. Agree with all those that label Daniel Day-Lewis as overrated.

the comment section is almost full of superhero fanboys farting around. TWBB being better than overrated Infinity War is a FACT

TWBB is better but IW is more enjoyable and rewatchable:

TWBB is better but IW is more enjoyable and rewatchable:

Daniel's relentless performance throughout the movie outclasses any Infinity War moment.

Lel. There Will Be Blood.


There Will be Blood slams !!!!!!

Anyone who says that Daniel Day-Lewis is overrated is on crack. Like, I don't understand how you could claim he's overrated and then fawn over Robert Downey Jr. ( who is a great actor), who basically just acts as himself in the MCU. Anyway, There Will Be Blood is so much better that it's actually sad that people are even choosing Infinity War. It doesn't solely rely on CGI spectacle. It's a haunting story about a man's downfall, about capitalism, about religion, etc. It's a brilliant film, and an American masterpiece

There Will Be Blood destroys any Avengers flick.