Avengers: Infinity War vs. Pulp Fiction



Most everyone is saying or will soon be saying that Avengers: Infinity War redefines the word epic. Even QT's best can't match that...

A "decent" movie that hasn’t developed a reputation vs an "awful" movie that’s considered "masterful". For me, it’s the decent choice!

Pulp Fiction is an awful movie? U mad, bro?

^ I'm known for being an odd person


I don't understand anything going on above.

You're not odd, Eagle (at least, I guess). At least, you're honest about your opinion. Perhaps, a different kind of taste. But different is good.

^ No. I'm just odd, haha. My movie taste is still pretty consistent in terms of what qualities I want in a film. But, as you said, different is good.


Pulp Fiction did not have to have a 400 million dollar budget ,10 years in the making or have to be a two and a half hour promotion to encourage you to see the next 27 installments to be a great film. I'm just saying.

Gotta go Pulp Fiction, it's just so... perfect.

As much as I love Infinity War, Pulp Piction is Pulp Fiction.

Infinity War is good, but Pulp Fiction is classic.

Infinity War is an instant classic. Pulp Fiction is an established classic.

Infinity War easily takes the nod.

Pulp Fiction beats Infinity War, but probably not Endgame. These are all some of my favorite movies.

Pulp fiction obviously:

Infinity War with the edge....

Infinity War is far much watchable and superior than ever of it’s competitive.