Avengers: Infinity War vs. Mad Max: Fury Road




Mad Max : Fury Road was more enjoyable and more focused.

Infinity War was soulless but had 10 years of buildup so it was easy to connect to it. Fury Road may have worked better as a coherent narrative but I really couldn't connect with it...

Infinity War is pure greatness paying off ten films. Mad Max: Fury Road was near nonsensical dogcrap story with all action and no heart. NO contest here...



Avengers IW is about ten times the better experience. And it is just that, an experience.

I find Fury Road is a lot more polished, but I find Infinity War just more interesting with just how bonkers everything is.

I found Mad Max far more amazing.

Mad Max may be the best film of the decade. Infinity War ... is not.

Mad Max is far more enjoyabke and better shot for shot

Avengers clearly wins. You have to be a serious form of retarded to elevate Fury Road to anything other that simpleton garbage.

Both are good action films but Infinity War is sensational here..

Mad Max is the better crafted film

Mad Max Fury Road is a masterpiece with fantastic action sequences. Infinity War is a mediocre movie with great action scenes.

Avengers...for the win...

Avengers by quite a bit. Fury Road is a mess of a non-film.


Fury Road offers a better bang for the buck. It has better production values and a more complete film. Infinity War will continue into the infinity until it commercially wears out its welcome.

Mad Max is way better

UPDATE: Avengers: Infinity War is so much better that it makes my balls take notice. (noticed that today) Can't wait to own Avengers: Infinity War !!!

Infinity War is far better of amazing of the year.

Infinity War is far greatness of levels..

Mad Mad Fury Road. Infinity war was trash.

Mad max

Infinity War just crushes the flop known as Fury Roady.

Infinity War is far entertaining on it's preeminent modern moments, Mad Max Fury Road is kind of forgettable here..

Infinity War is a classic. Fury Road just sucked. Truly.

What a lovely day. Mad Max: Fury Road!

Fury Road is a stupid piece of garbage, Infinity War barely wins hands down.

This is ridiculous. Fury Road is a far better film. It has some of the best action scenes put to film.

Fury Road is garbage certainly none rewatchable film but rotten garbage, Infinity War hands down in every way.

Infinity War is watchable and based on it’s modern comic but as mad max fury road is a forgettable crap film ever.

Infinity War for sure, fury road sucked modernist crap.

Infinity War for me

Fury Road had waaaaay better action. It was a better crafted film, but it lacked story and characters. IW waas better in that respect. But Fury Road is infinitely rewatchable, so I'm going with Mad Max.

Fury road is overload trash.

Infinity War is far ultimately best action of the MCU saga, mad max fury isn’t as unique but disappointing forgettable film.

Fury road owes this one

Looking it over, Infinity War is at least 1000 times better. As noted above, Fury Road isn't even a movie. Just a two hour chase scene.

Fury road is far better than this popcorn trash disappointment

infinity war by far but fury road is good

infinity war by far, fury road is crap

Infinity War is good; Fury Road is quite possibly one of the best movies of the 21st century so far. No contest.