Avengers: Infinity War vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



2001 is far better in every single way

2001 is a masterpiece, this would be like Muhammad Ali at his prime vs. a ten-year-old in the ring.

Infinity War was good, really good. But it's always going to be a popcorn action thriller that sits among a series that is 20+ movies of the same thing just with less characters. 2001 will always be remembered for standing on it's own not only as a revolutionary piece of technica visuall effects, but as a love letter to human existence and a tribute to our journey as a species. As a set piece for how to tell a story with more actions and less words, i have yet to see any blockbuster, tent-pole franchise that has themes as heavy as Kubrick's masterpiece.

Just enjoyed Infinity War more...

Minus Vertigo, no movie has affected me like 2001. I like Marvel as mindless entertainment but it doesn't give me the same feeling as 2001. That movie is a religious experience!

Infinity War is watchable and better pacing.

I have trouble finding any problems in 2001 but Infinity War I can find like maybe 30.


2001 is brilliant and far superior to any Marvel film I have seen so far.

Avengers: Infinity War is so much better than it's not even debatable. Packs way more in to every act. 2001 is vastly overrated. A film for dumb people to praise thus fooling themselves in to thinking they understand "art" ...

Infinity War is further far superior.

I'm not really that big a fan of 2001 but it's FAR better than Infinity War. 2001 easily.

2001: A Space Odyssey in almost every conceivable way... Besides entertainment value, that's it.