Whiplash vs. Inception



Close but I'm going Inception

Inception (Whiplash)

Both are incredible but Inception takes the win.

Are you fucking kidding??? Whiplash is an amazing movie, both is also one of the most overrated. Inception is infinitily better, smartest, and much more complex.

It is smartest and much more complex. You've got me there. But I'm still giving Whiplash the J.K. Simmons nod of approval. Goddamn, that was a good movie. It deserves all the praise in the world for the acting of the two leads, but MY GOD, the editing in that sumbitch!

Yeah I liked Whiplash a lot but Inception is incredible.

Very tight race, but Inception barely slips by.

Whiplash. Most of Inception's praise is for it's complicated story. I don't find that entertaining I find it confusing.

I gotta go Inception, but this was incredibly tough...

Clash of two 2010's Titans. Inception for me. Both are extremely exciting and both are incredible.

The brilliance of Inception beats the intensity of Whiplash.

Both are great but Whiplash all the way it's a perfect film no cap