True Lies vs. Kindergarten Cop



True lies, easy choice.

This is an easy one, indeed. I like Kindergarten Cop a lot, but True Lies is probably Arnie's best film and my all-time favourite action comedy.

This really is easy. True Lies was a near perfect Action-Comedy.


True Lies was a damn good movie and Schwarzenegger delivered the action hero goods.

It's not a tumor. It's not. You gotta admit, if this was me, you'd be laughing your @$$ off right about now.

Like them both, but True Lies just edges it.

I liked Kindergarten Cop a lot, but True Lies is such a good combination of action and comedy that I have to go with it in this battle.

I'm joining the True Lies fan page here! It's his 4th best in my opinion behind T1, T2, and Predator.