Cowboys & Aliens vs. Real Steel



Cowboy's shooting aliens or robots boxing.... Tough choice.

Cowboys & Aliens was a standard alien invasion movie set in the old west. Real Steel was a standard boxing/father-son movie with robots. Gotta go with the Sci-fi cowboys.

I heard a big deal talking about how Real Steel was a very good blockbuster but i really didn't bought it. It was a average movie and that's about it. but man, Cowboys & Aliens... i heard bad things,i saw worst ones. I didn't enjoyed the comic and the adaptation is even worst.

Real Steel all the way hands down, story might be a bunch of cliches but boy - the heart in it! Packs a punch. Cowboys & Aliens on the other hand was a really well done movie on technical level - and nothing else.

I really enjoyed Real Steel but I didn't like Cowboys & Aliens. Maybe I need a second viewing on it but Real Steel definitely wins for me here.

I've never seen Cowboys vs. Aliens and Real Steel but do they expect that it would end happily.


Gotta go with Real Steel on this one. Probably going to be in my top 5 for awhile.