Field of Dreams vs. Moneyball



Moneyball might fairly be accused of hokey pathos, but Field of Dreams is fucking loaded with it. I dunno, I get a sense of great melancholy from both...looking into the past and all. Sad stuff. Perhaps that's more a reflection on me than either of the films.

might be fairly accused*


Fuck it, I need some sleep. I can't see straight.

Field of Dreams is quite corny, but it has some scenes that are just downright magnificent. Moneyball, though, is the best movie about baseball that I've ever seen. Billy Beane, baby.

Field of Dreams easily for me. Best baseball movie of all-time.

Both are a couple of my favorite baseball movies but Field of Dreams is one of my all time favorites of any movie.

My two favorite baseball movies and both are in my top 4 sports movies. While both had Best Picture nods, Moneyball was a better movie. The acting, directing, and true story were all more absorbing and interesting. Moneyball it is.

Field of Dreams > Moneyball, but these are 2 of the best baseball films ever made.

Both good, but neither as enjoyable as Major League.

The world needs MORE baseball films to be honest. Enjoyed these both but Field of Dreams is exquisite.