Final Destination 5 vs. Final Destination 2



The ending of 5 gives it the edge over 2 for me.

Final Destination 5 was prob. the best in the series. FD2 was all about killing more people than the original movie.

First is my favorite

Number 5

5 was a least a worthy sequel

Final Destination 2 I definitely think is the best. 5 is fun and a good return after the series fell off after 2, but I still don't think it's up to par with the first two.

Both are good sequels, and honestly it should’ve been a trilogy, I pretend 3 and 4 didn’t happen. But 2 vs 5? 5, definitely. I mean, FD2 is a good sequel, and the characters were well written and fleshed out, at least for a slasher, but the plot is a little complicated at times. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but just not as strong as the first. And the pacing isn’t as strong as the first and 5th movie, and the acting is just a little weak. FD5 I find much better as it’s almost as good as the original. As the characters in that movie are perfect, and they drive the plot more then death in the best way possible. 5 is not perfect of course, That perverted character and his massage scene were awful, and sometimes it has in your face 3D, and some of the CGI is really bad, but this all doesn’t stop 5 from being great. While I still think the first is the best one, 5 made it hard to choose.