Thor vs. The Avengers



Wow, nobody? Huh. Okay, so there's only one choice here, right? I mean, it's obvious, right? Right? Hemsworth was a cool choice and Hiddleston might have been an even cooler one, but out of all the Phase 1 movies, Thor was the most trailer-y. It's got some good qualities, to be sure, but a huge chunk of it just seems like set-up for The Avengers. When you've got a bunch of dominoes set up in the shape of...I dunno, a yin-yang symbol or a vagina, whatever, that first domino, the anticipation - that's fun. But the real fun is in watching the rest of the dominoes fall down. That's what makes the kiddies' eyes light up with excitement. That's The Avengers. It's Joss Whedon knocking down a bunch of dominoes in the shape of a vagina. And what a beautiful vagina it is.

I want to make love to this comment. And this mythical domino vagina.

That's got to be one of the best comments ever. ahahahahaha

The Avengers

Thor is great, and I would gladly watch it again if asked to or given the opportunity. The Avengers, however, was a true spectacle, and one with unending rewatchability. Plus, it has the bonus of being written by Joss Whedon.

Yep, Avengers.

Going for the vaginal dominoes.

Thor is good fun, but the Avengers is just something special!


Avengers 1 & 2 beats all the side projects for me. Most of them are good (Iron Man 3 and Hulk aren't my favorites) but I wold still rather sit down and watch them all. Although Civil War will be epic.

Thor because Avengers felt to fan fictiony for me. It was great if you were invested in that universe but I really wasn't. Thor is great regardless however so it wins.

I'll be the third here picking Thor. It was very exciting, and has some cool stuff. Avengers just sucked the whole way though.

Thor bores me. He bores me less when surrounded by Tony Stark and Black Widow.

The Avengers, no question. Thor is an enjoyable fantasy romp with some great and emotional scenes around the middle. The Avengers is an achievement in its genre.

Avengers wins rather easily

The Avengers, no contest