Thor vs. The Amazing Spider-Man



Spider-Man wins, but not by much. Very enjoyable superhero movies the both of them.

got to go with Thor felt amazing spiderman lacked a concrete focus and empty characters who were pretty and funny but didn't have anything solid (not talking about the actors they were great). Thor had some issues but the core cast was fantastic, and the storyline might have been on the thin side, but it was solid and had a good focus.

ASM flat out sucked. Thor is far better.

I didn't hate The Amazing Spider-Man, but I do think it is a completely unnecessary reboot. What's that Sony? It's a continuation of the story? Please! You can shove that! It's a reboot/remake, whatever the hell you want to call it. All I know is that we can expect Spider-Man movies for a looooong time! They don't want to give back those rights you see! so they will wait until they run it into the ground like Ghost Rider before they do so.

While Thor isn't one of the better superhero movies, it is not awful. The Amazing Spider-Man is.

I really like both, but I'm going with Thor.

The Amazing Spider-Man was brilliant, Thor was just alright.

Thor is indeed one of the better superhero movies and far better than the misfire known as Amazing Spider-Man. Why do I get the feeling the sequels to these will feature an even greater divide? Dark World looks exceptional. ASM2 looks cringe worthy.

I'm switching to Thor.

Thor was really good though the Romance was annoying. The Amazing Spider Man seemed to hit all the right notes however it just lacked something. I'll have to go with Thor, it just had more heart.

Thor is better in pretty much every way. It has a better story, better characters, better acting, better effects, and not to mention, it doesn't feel as unnecessary as The Amazing Spider-Man does.

I was a bit "whatever" to both of these. The Amazing Spider-Man was a mostly unnecessary and not so well executed reboot, while Thor didn't know if it wanted to be comical and campy or...not, so it had a somewhat weird tone throughout it. I guess I'll go with Thor for having the more likeable lead character and a few fun scenes.

I really didnt care for The Amazing Spiderman it just came off as cheesy and predictable and lacked interesting characters but at the same time there are things that i really didnt like about thor theyre both pretty eh for me but Thor much less so it wins

Eh, The Amazing Spider-Man is just so safe and ordinary. Thor is a good movie that could have easily been a disaster. Overall, Thor is better in nearly every way.

Thor doesn't come close to The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man only a spot higher

TASM and TASM2 isn't that bad actually, better than thor actually

Spider-Man. I've recently attempted to finish Thor and I just can't do that