Thor vs. Iron Man



Everyone is calling these two films Marvel's best. I have to agree. What I can't believe is that I believe I enjoyed Thor MORE than Iron Man. Who woulda thunk it? Two great films right here.

sorry, technology > magic

Iron Man is better then Thor, but when it comes to Iron Man 2 I'm not so sure....

Thor in a ridiculously close match up. Both were great...had to think about this one for a while...

Iron Man, I suppose. I don't think Marvel has ever made a movie above being just OK.

Incredibly close. What puts Thor over is the fantastic visuals and its action sequences.

Iron Man is a much better film. It stands as a better standalone flick.

Whoa, this is a tough matchup. Both are just excellent superhero films. Thor was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2011, but Iron Man is basically the patriarch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (he's the guy who started it all). Tony Stark wins a close, close matchup...

I strongly disliked Thor. Iron Man crushes here.

Iron Man, I fell asleep through Thor.

Im going to say Iron Man cause I thought it pushed it a bit for a superhero movie at the time ...and tho was just ok ...the parts in Asgard were good but I didnt care for the parts on earth

I'm going to switch over to Thor here. Still, it's ridiculously close.

What Boomee said. Thor is an awful movie!

What Boomee said. Thor is an awful movie!

Honest to God two of the very best origin movies ever made. Have to give the edge to Iron Man because of the Stark factor.

Screw it, I'm going back to Iron Man.


Iron Man far better film

I'd say Iron Man by a few inches. But that said, Thor needs way more love. It nails characters, especially Loki.

IM1 quite easily, but I agree with IloveMove243, Loki is a way better villain in Thor than in the Avengers tbh

iron man 1 is overrated, but thor is just not good at all and really goofy

I really didn’t enjoy the first two Thor movies, and I consider Iron Man one of the best MCU movies and best superhero movies in general

Am I the only one who thinks the first Iron Man is just sort of all right? Definitely better than the second one, but I think the third one is honestly the best part of the trilogy. Anyway, it still beats Thor because at least I remember things from it lol.

Iron Man it is and it's not even close.

Iron Man beats Thor in this.

Iron Man was so good that every other phase 1 movie couldn't even reach it's level until Avengers