Thor vs. Guardians of the Galaxy



I Am Groot!!!!!!!!

Guardians without a doubt. Thor is one of the weakest Marvel movies for me.

Guardians succeeds in it's complete lack of Kat Dennings.

I'll take Guardians.

Now that you mention kat dennigs. She has - particulary in the Dark World - given one of the most annoying performances of all time. She is on pair with Hayden

Guardians is more fun but I honestly feel Thor is the better all-around film. It's more intelligent and has more depth.

Obviously Guardians the MCU, I think 'Thor' is towards the bottom.

Only separated by 20 or so spots on my chart, gotta give the edge to Guardians...

......What a bunch of A-holes

Guardians wipes the floor.

Both Thor films are better than Guardians to be honest.

Thor is a solid film but it's still a marvel cashgrab. GotG was way more entertaining and inventive.

Guardians of the Galaxy is way better than any Thor movies

Well, Thor is a better movie and franchise to be honest. Thor got worse the more they tried to turn the character in to a GOTG type joke.