Thor vs. Batman Begins



Come on, it's Batman Begins.

Batman Begins all the way. Thor was a pretty weak comic book film in my opinion.

Yeah Batman.

Yes, Batman Begins is 100 times better in every way. Thor 1 is one of the worst Marvel films. The only MCU films Batman Begins could battle for me would be Infinity War, Ragnarok and the Winter Soldier.

Marvel actors suck, Batman rocks.

The first Thor has really grown on me over the years, but it's still nowhere near Batman Begins


Batman Begins is more engaging.

begins but i like thor a lot better now

Thor is beyond not good generally as it been mostly best as the third movie as it's ending gotten as disappointment major cliffhanger, batman begins is certainly good of the collection films so far

Lol how is this even a question? Batman all the way!