Thor vs. Superman II



Superman II is a fantastic movie and IMO...Better than the original in every aspect...apart from the fact that there's no Marlon Brando to steal the show! But it did have Christopher Reeve...Thor is great entertainment value but boy, Superman II is severely underreated

The Donnor Cut is easily one of the top 5 superhero films ever made.

^^^Well said. Superman II Donnor Cut is definitely one of the best superhero films and it owns Thor.

Superman II still wins for me....but how much longer?

There wasn't nearly enough Kat Dennings cleavage in Thor but, other than that, the movie was great. Superman II is a quality movie, but it feels more and more like an antique as each new superhero flick is released. Out with the old, in with the new...Thor wins.

The one about the Paris terrorist attack wins. Seriously, how do Superman II feels old? L-O-L

Superman II has aged just as well as Thor and was a better film to begin with, though I enjoy both.