Thor vs. Kick-Ass



Loki, you rascal.

Thor and it's not even close.

Kick-Ass for me. I'm mad with glee when I watch it. Mad I tell you!

I'm not a big fan of Kick-Ass, but I didn't like Thor at all, so the one with the uber-violent superheroes wins.

Thor is a real adaptation film done right. It's nearly perfect.

It's close, but I think I'll go with Kick Ass.

Thor has great production design and two gorgeous Jewish girls, while Kick-Ass is borderline offensive but has more compelling emotion.

Thor has great production design but as a movie it's bland and mediocre, Kick-Ass is one of the funniest comic book movies and also really entertaining, I'd take it over any MCU movie other than Infinity War and Endgame