Thor vs. Watchmen



If it weren't for the massive plotholes, Thor would be one of greatest of its genre. Watchmen is one of DC's greatest (then again, the only true competition are the first two Supermans and everything Batman not made by Joel Schumacher) on its own and quite enjoyable movie. Still, I prefered Thor for its more fun approach, even if I do like myself some dark and gritty.

I have to go with Watchmen for sure. I love the dark and gritty approach to the movie that stayed true to it's mature subject matter rather than watering it down so a wider audiences would go out to see it. While it made some changes, it is about as faithful an adaptation you could get from the source material. I never was a huge fan of the original Thor and it's personally my least favorite installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. i felt that the scale of the film was too small and just wasn't all that interesting. I always thought it would have been interesting if it dealt with people protesting him and disliking him because he claims to be a god like in some of the comic books. Anyways, Watchmen wins

I liked Watchmen because of it takes a look in to the dark & gritty side of superheroes, but Thor was a great origin story, and I'm a huge fan of mythology. I my book, Thor wins.

Thor tramples Watchmen....

Yeah i'm going with Thor as well.

I'd personally go with Watchmen any day of the week.

thor is good, watchmen is a piece of shit

watchmen by far, thor is meh

Yeah sorry Watchmen beats every Thor movie


The Watchmen by far over any Thor film.