The Italian Job vs. The Italian Job



I really like the 2003 "remake", I saw it in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's obviously not as good as the original, but if you treat it as an independent film it's quite well done. None of the Romanticism of Mini Coopers tearing around 1960s Turin however, and that is the difference. The new Minis aren't really characters and that's a shame. Regardless that cast is very well balanced, every action movie stereotype is shoehorned in and it works well as reasonably family friendly stuff. The 1960s cast is unbalanced, Michael Caine is the cast and it works because he was a massive star. Different films with the same name, I like both. Original is better.

Better story, better ending, better director. Very ORIGINAL. 1969.

Original thumps the remake...

By far the remake. The only good part of the original is the ending.

....The original. By far. The remake is just a shell.

I much preferred the 2003 version. Paced well, great cast, intriguing story, and none of that never-ending, campy 60's music.