Pinocchio vs. Aladdin



I'm about to go insane.This choice is so hard.I'll pick Aladdin for now.

"Pinocchio" and it's not even close for me. I never cared much for "Aladdin."


Yeah, this is a tough one for me. Both are great Disney classics.

Aladdin. I must have saw that ovie 4 times i the theater when I was younger. Pinocchio will always have its place in my hear though

Aladdin is fun. Pinocchio is a classic, though.

Aladdin is the second best Disney animated film behind The Lion King.

Pinocchio might be a classic, but I always found it a bore....Aladdin wins.

Aladdin has the Genie and beautiful animation great villain and solid story however Pinocchio has heart classic music and a very dark tale the pool hall scene is one of the greats in all cinema -brilliant film.

I loved Aladdin growing up. Never was a huge fan of Pinocchio...

Pinocchio is million times better. I hate Aladdin, it´s one of the worst and most terrible Disney movies ever.

JC13 said it best. Although The Fox and the Hound is up there too for me.

I find Pinnochio boring, unlike the wacky zany Aladdin.

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