The Transporter vs. The Punisher



This is a close one, I really like both but I think I'll go with The Punisher

i think The transporter is the best of these two

I can definitely say that The Punisher is one of my guilty pleasures. It's so terrible but yet it's so damn entertaining.

I enjoy parts of The Punisher (Johnny Cash 2.0, the Russian, the finale), but The Transporter's more enjoyable as a whole. The slick suit, the BMW, Corey Yuen's's actually quite fun. And if we're gonna talk revenge movies (I know, I know - it's not revenge, it's punishment), I like 'em darker than The Punisher. Fuck me, was the fire hydrant thing dumb.

Yeah, just to elaborate...The Punisher should've been much darker, I think. More Taxi Driver, less Charles Bronson. Frank Castle's a loon. He knows he's a loon, but he's still a loon. When are we gonna get to see THAT movie? We got some of his meticulous killing, but none of the mental disturbance. Dude doesn't need to look crazy or anything, but methinks it would be a good idea to point out how mental this dude is whilst also having fun watching him off people. Christopher McQuarrie would be a good start.

Was the comic book character crazy? I don't know - I liked The Punisher, and I think it can be taken on its own terms if you don't know the background. Heh, I saw it on a double bill with Kill Bill 2 when they came out, and that was too much violent revenge for one afternoon for me!

Mmm, not necessarily. From what I've read of the Ennis stuff, though, it's made clear that there's obviously something off about a guy doing what Frank Castle does. Ennis just applies some real-world logic to the situation. We'd all think Frank Castle was INSANE if he was a real guy. The books just stay far enough in the realm of comics to make it okay for us to "root" for him. A movie could do the same. Bring to light Castle's psychological issues while keeping things lighthearted (not the word I wanna use, but I'll use it anyway) enough for us to have fun with things.

I am not a big comic book movie guy, but Punished doesn't feel like a comic book movie to me, which is why I probably like it. Transporter doesn't hold up well. Feels like a total B movie now.