The Transporter vs. Transporter 2



Ah, I've been waiting for this one. Transporter 2 was still good fun, and far better than Transporter 3, but it can't quite match the goofy, over-the-top, physics-defying fun of the first installment. They're nearly equal (and Transporter 2 has the totally hot and bad@$$ Kate Nauta), but the first wins by a nose. Just don't forget to turn your brain off before you watch them....

Both are good, but the first part is more original and a bit more credible (if this can actually be said about any Transporter movie).

Only the greatest movies have better sequels. The oft-mentioned Star Wars and The Godfather being the prime examples. The Transporter is not a great movie. It's a good action film with some nice Besson touches round the edges. It's clearly got a good car chase scene plus the fantastic bus garage fight-scene. But it's not great, and so Transporter 2 is inferior in just about every way. The purity of The Transporter is jettisoned to make way for a generic, unrealistic maguffin pursuit with weedy villains. The original beats the sequel.

Transporter is better then Transporter 2.. It got a better storyline....

I think the first is probably a little better,the action is much better ,but both are pretty crap.

Clean sweep for the original.