Incredibles 2 vs. Toy Story 4



on 6/20/2019

Both are so good but it's Toy Story.

on 6/22/2019

I never thought this would be a contest. I expected TS4 to be more a sequel in the MU camp than the Incredibles/Toy Story 2 camp. TS4 is more of an evolution of the series than Incredibles 2 was an evolution of its series, which I think is what sets it slightly apart (and above) for me. Incredibles 2 felt in some ways like a reset, with the kids' relationship with their parents sorta going back to square one, rather than them continuing that family of superheroes (fighting together) dynamic the ending of the original seemed to kickstart. I don't knock it much for that, but enough to nudge it below TS4 in a super close matchup.

on 6/25/2019

Toy Story 4 is a generic and harmless addition to the Toy Story lore. Incredibles 2 is better. Deserves the higher box office as well.

on 7/8/2019

Toy Story 4.

on 7/8/2019

TS4 is more solid.

on 7/9/2019

TS4 all the way....

on 7/10/2019

Incredibles wasn't a big thing for my childhood and upbringing so maybe that hindered my enjoyment of the second one a little as, it was a blast to watch and pretty funny, but also quite dull with the narrative and villains and the pacing wasn't the best. Toy Story 4 is also kinda simple but it's hilarious, has a great sense of subtle emotions with themes of personal happiness and parenting and as Toy Story was a big thing for my childhood and upbringing, it was great being in that world again seeing all the characters in a different environment, both in the carnival setting or the state of the characters themselves!

on 9/29/2019

Toy Story 4 is better in my opinion

on Nov 21

Toy Story 4 owns.