Incredibles 2 vs. Avengers: Infinity War



Swear I already commented on this matchup with a similar sentiment to the one I'm going to leave here now, but I guess not, so here goes. These are easily the two funnest theater-going experiences of the year, no question, but the difference is I have an emotional attachment to the characters Bird and Pixar created, while the characters in Infinity War only resonate with me on a more superficial level. The characters would only be missed for their comedic potential, in most cases. There's no gut punch at the thought of them disappearing or dying like there is with the Parr family (and honorary Parr family members, Uncle Frozen and Aunt Edna). This is what sets Incredibles 2 so far ahead of Infinity War for me.

Two famous films of 2018 of the year Infinity War is watchable for me..

Avengers: Infinity War >>> Incredibles 2

Love Incredibles 2, thought it was on “parr” with the first one, but Infinity War beats them both