Howl's Moving Castle vs. Princess Mononoke



I think "Howl' is a more polished film, but I love the theme and action in 'Princess Mononoke'.

Well, as much as I love both, its easy for me. Princess Mononoke is my favorite movie of all time, honestly, I don't see another movie even ever coming close to this one.

Princess Mononoke is Miyazaki's 2nd best film.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually prefer Howl's Moving Castle. They are both amazing, but there's something so magical and beautiful about Howl's Moving Castle that I cant quite put my finger on

Princess Mononoke is the only Miyazaki film that I've seen that has actually lived up to his reputation. It's prett awesome! Howl's Moving Castle is pleasent enough, but doesn't have a prayer in this matchup. Princess Mononoke it is!

Princess Mononoke is better and more entertaining IMO

these are two good films ... Howls is a more creative and fun and enjoyable film overall but Mononoke isnt a film to be reckoned with its one of his best even if it is not as easy to watch the emotions in mononoke are stronger so i think ill have to go with that

Just not a fan of Miyazaki's work. But I'm picking Mononoke if I have to choose...