Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid vs. The Dark Knight



"The Dark Knight" might be the greatest superhero movie ever made, but it can't top the greatest buddy film ever made.

Butch and Sundance are just too much for TDK to handle...

TDK for me. The first film hasn't aged that well.

Butch and Sundance win this one, for two great performances while The Dark Knight only has Heath Ledger acting his socks off.

The Dark Knight is just too good for Butch and Sundance to beat.

TDK by an inch.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid probably has the best screenplay ever written,but l am going to have to pick The Dark Knight.


Dark Knight.

I love Butch and Sundance, and I tend to lean towards the old classics, but in this case TDK wins.

I never liked Batman. And Paul Newman usually has films deeper than the usual superhero mumbo jumbo.

I know i am gonna piss people off here , but i really wish the industry would slow down on the comic book stuff.....BUT IMO THAT batman series is the best of all the comic book stuff.......Having said that i would rather watch Butch and Sundance....NEWMAN AND REDFORD That's true chemistry right there