Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. The Empire Strikes Back



The Empire Strikes Back!

Ultron was pretty good, but Empire is a masterpiece!

Both are masterpieces in my book.

Ah, this is a tough comparsion, I do believe that Age of Ultron is The Empire Strikes Back of The Marvel Franchise, that said, Empire is the superior movie in my opinion, but I feel like Age of Ultron is also a masterpiece and the comparsion should be much closer, so I vote Age of Ultron although my comment will be for EPS...

Joss Whedon said he was making Age of Ultron similar to Empire, but he doesn't even come close in quality...

Avengers wins easily. I don't enjoy Star Wars at all. I understand what they mean to the industry. Doesn't mean I find them entertaining. Ultron rocked.

After the Force changed my mind about the franchise, I'm taking Empire.

MCU beats every boring shit crap Star Wars on every level, Avengers certainly smashes the boring stupid Darth Vader and every other stupid boring sucking Star Wars characters on every level.