Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Doctor Strange



Both on the positive side of the "meh" camp of the MCU. Doctor Strange had some wonderfully trippy visual sequences straight out of the Steve Ditko comics, and Benedict Cumberbatch was a lot of fun and seemingly ideal casting as Strange, but I felt slightly underwhelmed by the action, both in terms of content and the fact that the movie felt that it needed to be a generic action movie with magic, without really fully putting to use the visual and physical effects to hand. Compared to Ant-Man, where the shrinking technology at least made sense in terms of what the stakes were, the filmmakers found increasingly imaginative ways to implement it with a mixture of effortlessly likeable, memorable characters, I felt that Doctor Strange was trying to hard to make the characters quirky and Marvel-esque whilst also limiting most of the action to basic sword-play with 70s acid-trip visuals in the background. I never really got a sense of what the rules were, and thus never felt particularly compelled. Also, tragic waste of Mads Mikkleson. Ultra was bloated and overlong, and despite James Spader's performance, Ultron was sold short as a villain compared to what I'm informed his potential was in the comics, but on repeat viewings I at least enjoyed watching the characters play off each other and watching some of the later action beats. Maybe Doctor Strange will grow on repeat viewings, and it's nice to see a visually different side to the MCU, but for now, Ultron wins by a slim margin.

*Mads Mikkelsen

Both films delivered but AoU was better. Doctor Strange is not the best MCU movie but only because the MCU has delivered masterpieces in the past. Hard to match that every time out.

Avengers is the better movie BUT Scott Adkins is involved in the greatest action sequence in the MCU in Doctor Strange. I'll got Ultron here.

age of ultron is amazing, doctor strange is great