Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Batman Begins



this one

Begins is much better. Works on some many more levels than Ultron.

Age of Ultron >>>>>>>>>>>>

Batman Begins >>>>>>>>>

Batman Begins, The single greatest origin story ever put to the big screen, knocking Vito Corleone's rise to power down to 2nd.

Batman Begins is still the best Superhero film out there. Age of Ultron was good, but I expected more.

Age of Ultron was fun but Batman Begins has much more substance to it.

Going with Age of Ultron on this one. Batman Begins was truly one of the greatest Batman movies ever made, but AoU had a much better villain in James Spa--I mean Ultron.

Definitely Begins for me. Ultron is still a cool movie, though.

I love both. Begins wins.

There's an extremely strong case that Batman Begins tops the Avengers, comparing it to its lesser sequel is absolutely laughable.

Age of Ultron had an overload of set up, CGI and lame jokes. Batman Begins wins in every way!

Age of Ultron is the better movie.

Square Mister, you are the only person who puts every Nolan movie ahead of every other film ever made. Which proves that your opinion is bias, not accurate or fact. You have ALL of his movies higher than both Godfathers. You know nothing about film. You just "enjoy" Nolan films.

Rather be watching Avengers...

Avengers is so much better that it hurts.

Nolan was still finding his path in Batman Begins so the edge goes to overstuffed quips and action of Avengers 2

The edge and everything else goes to Avengers 2. Nolan stumbled to start, hit a great note with Ledger's Joker then stumbled off a cliff with the third turdfest.

Honest to God, Batman Begins is the absolute BEST origin story ever told in ANY medium, it LITERALLY transcends anything in fiction or in recorded or speculated history!

Avengers all the way. Batman Began with a yawn and ended with a whimper. Just because what came between was pretty good doesn't excuse the crap that's known as Batman Begins.

I agree with the above here^ Age of Ultron is watchable and better characters and beyond Batman Begins is just too dull.

Batman Begins. But it's close as AoU was very fun.

batman begins and it's not even close

you know what after a rewatch i loved age of ultron so much it's on my top 10 comic book movies it's so underrated