Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Superman



Age of Ultron. I was never really a fan of the older Superman films.

First superhero movie (if you don't count Adam West's Batman) vs. the newest superhero movie. I choose Age of Ultron because that's the one I'd rather watch.


Avengers easy.

Age of Ultron as if it's even close. The terrible FX and dated nature of Superman just can't compete with modern adaptations done right. The nostalgia will always be there but it's preposterous to even compare the two.

Square Master enjoyed Ultron more but has made a point of picking against it anyway. Poor guy has a reputation to hold up. Ultron kills Superman

I really don't like Supreman 1, evsn if it was great at the time, because of the cheesy and dated story and effects. Age of Ultron wins easily

Ultron wins....