Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Jurassic World



No comments here? This is kinda hard. The superhero buff in me wants to choose Ultron, but I also had a lot of fun with Jurassic World. I'll have to give both a couple more viewings in order to decide.

Jurassic World is weakest Jurassic Park vehicle yet. But, man, oh man, Age of Ultron is Age of Ultron. JW wins.

Age of Ultron was a worthy sequel and damn good. JW is just weak at every turn no matter how likeable the cast.

Jurassic world is just another Avatar a giant moneymaker that didn't leave much of a cultural foot print

Both did not exactly live up to expectations. But I'l take JW...I had more fun with that than Age of Ultron largely because of the movie blatant nostalgia bait. Seeing the park fully operational was my childhood dream (a T-Rex and Raptor team up against a monster was also my silly kids dream as well).

Marvel still takes the cake for me...

Age of Ultron is so much better. Even Star Lord couldn't help that Jurassic script.

Avengers 2 is merely shitty. Jurassic World is abysmally bad.

Avengers by a lot. Great sequel.

AoU proves that good films deserve good box office. Jurassic World adds to the "Transformers" pile of good money going to bad cinema.

Resounding cry of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

AoU was disappointing but still better than the dumb (but quite fun) JW.

Congratulations to Jurassic World for its complete and utter domination of Ultron in every measurable way Marvel fanatics give a crap about!

Avengers wins this without breaking a sweat.