Avengers: Age of Ultron vs. Creed




Creed as well.

Creed easily knocks out the disappointing Ultron.

Avengers are the undisputed champions.

Creed, by Knockout (Nothing 'technical' about it). Now Ultron vs Rocky V, we may have a fight on our hands.

AoU against The Dark Knight Rises might be a fairer fight.

Creed is awesome, but edge goes to Ultron due to more action and snark throughout while Creed was a bit clunky in the beginning before it hit it's stride into greatness

I agree that Creed was a bit clunky in the beginning. It's first half feels overly formulaic and the opening scene felt unnecessary to me. And even if it was still a good film after the first half or so, it wasn't until the amazing second half until I got totally hooked on it. The acting, directing, writing, score, cinematography in Creed all outshine that of Age of Ultron. Indeed, Creed wins by knockout - and Age of Ultron sure as hell can't make it to the twelfth round with it.

The worst of all is that SquareMaster is actually telling the truth.