The Virgin Spring vs. I Spit On Your Grave



Ahhh, here's a good one. I like The Virgin Spring, except for the end. Here's why: I hate it when people question why God lets bad things happen. If Heaven actually exists, then any misfortune that occurs on Earth is entirely insubstantial. That's right. If your whole family gets run over by a herd of buffalo, so what? Heaven lasts FOREVER. If Heaven is as great as everyone claims, no horrible event that happens while you're alive matters. In fact, even the act of revenge is pointless. If someone does you wrong, God will punish them later, right? So the ending of The Virgin Spring is stupid. In I Spit On Your Grave, Jennifer goes and asks for forgiveness before killing the rapists. Why? If God exists, then there's no reason to kill them. God will punish them later! Right? Hell lasts a lot longer than any Earthly vengeance. Am I wrong? But at least Jennifer doesn't bother asking why God let it happen.