Child's Play vs. Child's Play 2



How is it possible that this matchup doesn't have a comment!? Child's Play for me.

I know right Shane! Puzzles me! I love both these films, they're pretty even to me and whilst I prefer the comedy frm the 2nd, I'll say the original at least for now. Pretty entertaining films if you ask me!

Both enjoyable in their own cheesy way. The original is the winner though...

I don't know why, but I like Child's Play 2 better.

There both pretty close for me but I think I like Child's Play a little better

Better late then never. I still think the original is pretty creepy so It's getting the win. 2 and 3 were okay. Curse is pretty good too.

Child's play I think got better after each movie if we are talking trilogy. 3 is the best, 2nd is 2nd best for me.

love the original but part 2 is my fav of the series