Child's Play vs. A Nightmare on Elm Street



No comments? Two prime examples of pretty horrible horror movies of the 80's that somehow become famous. I guess Chucky is the lesser of the two evils.

These movies aren't horrible.

Well they aren't overly effective. Nightmare has aged better so it gets the win. Scream, Halloween, Nightmare, Friday, Child's Play. Old slashers are pretty awesome.

Halloween is better than Child's Play AND A Nightmare on Elm Street..and Michael Myers is cooler and more badass and more creepy than Chucky and Freddy as well. BUT in this matchup, A Nightmare on Elm Street wins over Child's Play.

Child's Play was very ineffective.


Nightmare on Elm Street was effective in the scare department.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. Chuck never really did it for me.