Hell or High Water vs. No Country for Old Men



I've said plenty of times these two films are very similar in tone. The winner is crystal clear, however, NCFOM is on another level.

Have to agree with you. Despite the ending of No Country, which bothers me, it's still the superior film.

Hell or High Water is the far better movie. You can't "throw away" a bad ending as if it's not part of a film.

Here is a good match up. Kind of similar movies. No Country for Old Men is better but Hell or High Water gives it a run for its money due to plot, character building, and a boot stomping soundtrack.

hell or high water is great, but no country for old men is a masterpiece

hell or high water is great, AND no country for old men is complete dog crap. a horrible film.

Gotta do it....Hell or High Water...

The meticulous editing in No Country For Old Men makes it more interesting a movie to me.

no country is much better

Hell or High Water has some very entertaining characters, but No Country has some of the best moments in tension I've ever seen, and Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurrh, and speaks volumes about the nature of violence in our world. I love Hell or High Water, but I'm voting for No Country