Blade II vs. Blade



Can't beat the original.

They're both clearly better than Blade Trinity, but i'm no big fan of the Blade series. It's hard to say which one is better as either one is somewhat entertaining. I'll probably go with the original because Snipes put the most effort in it.

Blade, easily.

Blade II is a good sequel but I like the way Blade set up his story.


Blade was the best of the series.


Blade 2 was better than the original, Imo.

Blade 2 for sure. Del Toro just gave it so much more style, and you have to love the Resident Evil 4 monsters.

Donnie Yen. That is all.

Blade. Gotta love the original.

This is one of those times when I take 2 over 1. Love them both. Hate the third.

Blade II improved on the original with a plethora of better characters, weapons, vampires, villains, and action sequences.

Blade II was better of the series.

Blade II is clearly better than the original, the opening scene is terrific though.

Swap my vote, original is the better film.

The sequel is often better than the original.

The sequel is often better than the original.

Love both of 'em...

The seconds has better terrific characters and better fight moments.

Definitely the second one.

I never liked the original, but at least I've managed to get through it, completely. I guess these Blade movies are just too out of touch with my personal taste because I hated the fight scenes in Blade II and it just sucked. Maybe a younger man would have loved it, but for now, I just hate it. Well, at least not the original one. Not like I'm ever going to re-watch it someday.