Blade II vs. Blade: Trinity



Easily II. Although Reynolds was great in Trinity.

Blade Trinity is a guilty pleasure. Yeah, I know the plot isn't good but it's action over horror in this case. Blade 2 was too much horror and not enough action.

easy I love the second one so bloody and gory with a great pace and darker tale than the first love guillermo del toro's style and sets yes i love Jessica Biel and the Third did have a cool story but its all flair.

I didn't hate Trinity. Actually liked it. But this is Blade II all the way...

Wait, did I just read that Jamie Foxx is rumored to be the new Blade? Good grief, are they trying to bury this franchise forever???

The second is watchable better, the third one is one of the worst ever.

Blade II was better, trinity was disappointing.

Blade II isn’t as good as the original but it is way better than Trinity

Blade 2 suffers from some bad CGI and the questionable decision to resurrect Whistler, but Dracula and Ryan Reynolds feel so out of place in the Blade universe. Blade 2 wins.

Blade II has Ron Pearlman, Donnie Yen, monsters with trilateral symmetry, a visionary director and Snipes still giving a shit. Blade III has an iPod "Killin' Vampires" playlist and HHH's vampire pomeranian. Blade II

I didn't like Blade I, wasn't satisfied with II either, but Trinity just flat out sucked, it's on my list for one of the worst movies ever