Team America: World Police vs. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut



There's so many awkward choices on the site in general. It's nice when you get a choice that makes sense!

Damn what a choice to make. I was just watching Baseketball earlier and they just added Orgazmo. I have to go with puppet show.

Hmm. Tough. But I guess South Park is a bit better.

The SP movie was hilarious, but I almost died watching TEAM AMERICA. Hell, I award it to TEAM AMERICA based on the title, alone!

It's South Park, most definitely. Team America sucked.

"Freedom isn't free, it costs folks like you and me." GO TEAM AMERICA!

I love Parker and Stones movies. Wish having a tv show didnt limit them from the cinema so much.

Both of these are amazingly awesome but I think the sex scene seals it for Team America.

south park all the way!!!! team america is also funny but south park is one of the only musicals that I can actually watch and it's probably funnier than team america, at least in my eyes.

America! Fuck yeah!

Team America was sweet, but South Park made me laugh bigger and longer.

South Park: Imagination Land > Team America > Bigger Longer and Uncut

No contest. "Durka Durka" rapidly wears thin. Sure the songs are irritating but SP:BLU is still good fun. Wholesome, son.


South Park may be one of the best movie musicals of all time, although "I'm So Rone-Ry" from Team America is the best ballad between the two. :D

Think Team America edges it, but what a close contest!

South Park...but such a tough call. Trey Parker/Matt Stone are f'in geniuses...

Team america wasn't that good, South park all the way.

Matt and Trey are a lot better dealing with a vague issue like censorship than taking on partisan stuff, because they're less quick to reveal themselves as uninsightful libertarian douchebags. This kind of "heh, BOTH sides are stupid" thing where the lampooning of both sides is actually meant to pander to the other side, and meanwhile they're actually pretty much just "fuck you, got mine" at heart.

^ Some good points. I don't know why satirists feel the need to ally themselves to balance. If you're gonna take the piss out of something, you don't need to be representative of *both sides*. It sort of defeats the purpose of using exaggeration to make a point if you're just gonna turn around and say "Having said that..." or "On the other hand..." or some equally gutless, brownnosing, searching for *credibility* 180. Just make your point, be funny and fuck the fuck off; you're not a news outlet.

Team America: World Police. SP:BLU is great and all, but it was before the series really hit its straps. Team America was more akin to South Park during its prime.

Sophie's Choice - went with the modern one.

Team America wins.

Both of these options suck.


Two very funny films but South Park is the classic.