The New World vs. The Thin Red Line



In my opinion, Terrence Malick is not only one of the most under-appreciated filmmakers, but one of the few that actually improve with age. So many filmmakers are stuck in a rut, and while Malick is somewhat ritualistic about the images he looks for, the results increase in depth without fail. DAYS OF HEAVEN is better than the very great BADLANDS, THE THIN RED LINE was light-years ahead of the very, very great DAYS OF HEAVEN, and THE NEW WORLD is simply amazing. Can't wait for THE TREE OF LIFE sometime in 2010!

Tough. Both powerful and beautiful movies. I'm for the New World though. Thought the performances from all 3 leads were amazing, thought the story was spectacular, and the film took both my heart and my brain (some tears were shed I will admit). The thematic content is so impressive as well, as it is with all Malick films.

Twin masterpieces. That being said, The Thin Red Line is far ahead of The New World.

Totally agree with Protozoid. Each of Malick's films get successively better than the last imo. The Thin Red Line was the first one I saw and immediately jumped up to my all time Top 10 and has remained my favorite of Malick's films until I recently watched The New World, which is quite possibly the greatest cinematic experience of my life.

Needless to say for they are Malick flicks, The New World and The Thin Red Line are aesthetic miracles that nourish the spirit's need for beauty, whose ever replenishable reserve, as Malick doubtless understands, is the vivifying visual splendor of Mother Nature. These stories may be set in turbulent times of global war and colonial conquest, with the follies of man in full view, but no thing or act of beauty escapes this great director's lens. In a sense his films study man's shame side by side with his suffering: our figurative fall was not final, for salvation is yet achievable.

The New World, a much more beautiful story than anything else malick has done.