Toy Story 2 vs. WALL·E



This is hard,really really hard. I love both movies. WOW,what a tough one this is.

Both are fantastic movies. Wall-E is amazing in every way.

Toy Story and its sequel might have the edge in nostalgia, but that's it. Wall-E is simply perfection.

I still love the sweetness of "Toy Story 2" and its exploration of finding one's place in the world. That said, "Wall-E" was far more ambitious, and conveyed a valuable social message about not shirking our responsibilities at the expense of our future.

Holy crap! This is a tough call but I'm gonna have to say Wall-E. I still cry thinking of Jessie's song "When Somebody Loved Me".


Toy Story 2. I just don't think Wall-E retains its entertainment value as much as its charm with multiple viewings.

Wall-E was another move of Pixar toward self-indulgence and preachiness and away from good storytelling. Toy Story 2 is better hands down.

good ol' Pixar :)


And of course, I went back to Wall-E. I can never make up my mind on Pixar. -_-

Wall E takes it out.

So hard to pick, but the technical advancements that were made for Wall-e wins me over every time.

I love both, though I have to go with Wall-E.

Toy Story 2 for sure.

Both of these are fantastic films by the wizards of Pixar, but Wall-E is one of the greatest cinematic achievements EVER. Toy Story 2 is great and all (and who didn't cry during "When She Loved Me"?), but Wall-E is absolute perfection.

Toy Story 2

Wall-E....but we're all winners here...

First half of Wall-E > Toy Story 2 >> Second half of Wall-E.

Toy Story 2 all the way. in fact, ANY Toy Story over WALL-E any day for me.

Toy Story 2 :) I disliked Wall E

Tough choice, but Toy Story 2 was more emotionally involving for me.

I haven't seen Wall-E since the theater I remember liking it but for now its going to Toy Story 2

I say WALL•E

Maybe just a bit

Woody and Buzz.

Wall e is overrated. TS2 EASILY

If WALL-E had kept the strength of it's opening act throughout the movie, it would have taken this match-up without a doubt. But it didn't so Toy Story 2 comes out the stronger film for me.


OK, the Toy Story films are starting to get quite overrated these days. Sorry, but the fact is that WALL-E is better than Toy Story 2 here.

WALL-E was much magnificent for me.


Toy Story 2 brings out the inner child in me and I prefer it over Wall-E.

toy story 2 wins this time

WALL-E over all of the Toy Story sequels for me, but not the original Toy Story, so here, WALL-E gets my vote.

Bearing the carp of Disney is hard, but I give the edge to Wall.E

Toy Story 2 was OK. I thought most of it was boring. But WALL-E on the other hand is a masterpiece so it wins here for me.

Toy Story 2 was OK. I thought most of it was boring. But WALL-E on the other hand is a masterpiece so it wins here for me.