Toy Story 2 vs. Toy Story



This isn't fair...

Toy Story 2 is a rare sequel that, although not planned from the start (e.g. Empire Strikes Back or Two Towers), stands equal with its predecessor. It perfectly advances the characters and story in authentic, emotionally honest ways. I could go back and forth on this all day. For now, I'm giving the edge to Toy Story only because of its historical significance as the first computer animated feature and its marking the arrival of Pixar as the most consistently great movie studio around.

Going with the original.

I'm going with Toy Story just because Jessie annoys me.

I loved Kelsey Grammer in the second, but I like the themes from the first better.

I agree with brandmed. I think I laughed harder in Toy Story 2, but I appreciate and ultimately enjoy the original more.

Toughest choice I've had to make on Flickchart to date... both movies are outstanding, and yes, the graphics on "Toy Story 2" make humans a little more life-like. But there still is something about the original story that has a special charm to it. I'd gladly watch both these movies back-to-back, but I have to give the edge to the original "Toy Story".

I'm against the grain, I guess. These two movies are pretty much EQUAL in my mind, but forced to make a choice, I go with Toy Story 2. I love the additional characters (particularly the horse, Bullseye), and I just found it funnier. It takes absolutely nothing away from the HUGE influence of the first movie, and these two would probably make the PERFECT double feature, but 2 wins it for me. (We can only hope that Toy Story 3 will measure up....)

Toy Story was one of those rare films that was more than a movie to me as a kid, and Toy Story 2, though great, felt like an afterthought in comparison. And Toy Story has infinite replay value. Can't remember how many times I've seen it. Seen Toy Story 2 from start to finish once and snippets of it on TV here and there. Who knows, it might be nostalgia speaking, but Toy Story is the definitive winner for me.

Toy Story 2 was ok.

You're kidding me, right? RIGHT? Oy... Ok, let's give it a try. This is Pixar at its very best, UP and THE INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE notwithstanding (NEMO is in a class of its own). They are perfect in every way. That being said... I guess just because of the before/after factor... gotta go with the original one.

Both are fantastic movies, but the original wins in my opinion. 2 was almost as good and it introduced more characters that we could care about, but it lacked the perfect storyline of the first.

Nostalgia taken out of the equation, I must now switch my vote to Toy Story 2, though it must be said that it has only a slight edge on Toy Story.


HOLY. . . I was worried about it coming down to this. Honestly, it's a coin-toss for me. Both were absolutely fantastic. For now, I'm going to give it to the original, just because of that; it's the original.

Depending on the day, I go back and forth. Today, Toy Story is the winner!

TS2 is perhaps a better film overall, but I choose the first because of it's groundbreaking acheivements, and because of Syd, one of my favorite movie characters.

Both films explore the questions of how we find our place in the world, and how we react when that place changes. For most of us, these questions re-appear throughout our lives and really matter. I think I found the humor in "Toy Story 2" a bit sharper (especially the Zurg/Buzz elevator showdown), but on any given day I could go either way with this match. Kudos to Pixar for crafting thoughtful characters and exploring meaningful subjects from Day 1.

Original all the way.

Toy Story 2 was OK, but i choose the original

Once in a million where the sequel lived up to the origin and was better.

This is tough, but Toy Story wins. It has near-infinite replay value. Then again, maybe it's because of nostalgia...

Both of them are amazing, of course. But for me, Toy Story 2 is even more Woody's picture than the 1st, and he's my favorite character.... The sequel surpasses its predecessor in my opinion, and along with Monsters Inc. is one of Pixar's finest.

Toy Story is, and will always be, my choice. Partly it's because it's the first to introduce us to all these wonderful characters, but a lot of it has to do with Randy Newman's amazing songs and score.

Follow the rules, originals rule.

This is tough Toy Story 2 is one of the best sequels ever, but I think I'll have to go with the original.

I watched them both again last night, and although I love them both, I think Toy Story 2 is bigger and better than the original. It has all the things that made the original a masterpiece, and adds great new characters and an even deeper message. Funny, smart and beautiful, the perfect animated adventure.

Ouch. Toy Story wins, but that was a tough choice.


Both films ruled but I give a hairpin win to the original.

While 2 made me cry, 1 showed us all that we can care deeply for a couple of toys.

Please leave all annoying cowgirls on the cutting room floor. Thank you.

Wow. I think I'll have to go with the second, just because I basically grew up on this movie.

The first is just so damn good....

Easy one. All three in the trilogy are brilliant, but Toy Story is the best one- closely followed by TS3.

While all three are awesome, the TS 2 & 3 are just further developments of the original movie's theme: "How does the passage of time and the introduction of new people or things affect our relationships?" The original TS really establishes that central theme that carries through the other two movies.

Before Toy Story 3, Toy Story 2 would have won this. But now I just love this whole trilogy equally as much, and the first one wins just because it's the first in the series.

Toy Story 2 has better graphics and looks better then the original. but the better movie is the one with the better (toy) story. now it's hard to pick because both stories are different and original. i don't know, every time i have to make this choice i just can't vote against the original. i don't know why, but for now, the original it is

Toy Story is still the best of the series. Mr. Potato Head had me when he took off his lips and put them to his butt. I'm gonna go with the one that doesn't have Jessie as a character. She is SO ANNOYING!

The original for me.

I am going to have to pick Toy Story 2 Because I liked the story more and its more on a grand scale

Toy Story 1 always has a place in my heart even now in my teens

You cant beat the original.

damm it!

The first Toy Story cannot be topped.

Toy Story 2 is wonderful, but Toy Story is definitely better.

Have to say the original.

Toy Story by far!

The 1st by FAR

Oh please, don't make choose......Its so HARD! *closes eye* And picks....Toy Story!

Heh. I think the Toy Story movies get better with time. The first one was a cute little adventure, and not much more. There is a central theme, sure, but it's not as important or complex as in the sequels. And it may sound as a nitpick, but the animation doesn't hold up. I know it's made in the mid 90s, but I can't help but think that some of it looks kinda bad. Not only does Toy Story 2 have much better animation, it's also much funnier, more exciting, more interesting and just flat-out better. Toy Story 3 trumps the second one for only one reason, really: the giant emotional core. Ho-ly shit did that movie remind me how much I loved my toys and how much I loved these characters. So Toy Story 3 > Toy Story 2 >> Toy Story.

I'm going where my heart is: Toy Story 1.

The trilogy is 13, 14, and 15 on my list so they are pretty much a tie, but I'll go with one.

Toy Story 2 is just more enoyable for me

Toy Story 2 is by far the best Toy Story Film of the series in my opinion. Toy Story 2 > Toy Story > Toy Story 3

I ever so slightly prefer 2.

Toy Story 2 is easily by far the Worst Toy Story Film of the Series. So, Toy Story wins this time.

Dude, consistency!

He's done this on about 4 discussions, I'm sure on purpose at this point.

I Think that Toy Story 2 is the best Toy Story movie in my opinion. Toy Story 2 > Toy Story > Toy Story 3


I don't know why, but I like the original Toy Story better.

It had to happen. Might not be too much of popular opinion, but I prefer 2 over the original. GOAT trilogy.

In my own opinion, it goes something likes this. Characters:Toy Story Animation: Toy Story 2 Story: Toy Story Love both, I just find the original a little more meaningful, and heartwarming.

I always did love Toy Story 2 as much as Toy Story but I'm going to have to pick the original here.

I just rewatched all three and the original is now my favorite of the trilogy. 2 is my least favorite now, but it is still in my top 20. That's how much I love Toy Story.

Looking back at one of MysticSpoon's comments, I agree. The animation really doesn't hold up that much especially on the dog and the human skin textures. It looks so dated. It's understandable though but its a huge distraction. I don't think the original Toy Story is hilarious but it is such a classic adventure film in my eyes. The fact that TS 2 has the entire gang after Woody makes it far more hilarious and simply, more re-watchable. TS 2 ftw!

The original Toy Story is superior to its sequels.

I actually enjoy the second one more. I like how they expanded Woody's backstory and the dysfunction added by the toy collector and the prospector. Sid was such a blatant psychopath, but that prospector... he was trouble. He had everyone thinking he was deadstock, imprisoned in his box.

For some reason, the first Toy Story makes me more nostalgic than Toy Story 2, even though I equally loved them and watched them the same amount growing up. I think it's because the story in the first one revolves around children more and I find it cuter, which reminds you of being a kid. Toy Story 2 is funnier and does have emotional parts but I've got to with the original here.

Toy Story wins, even if TS2 is the better movie.

Toy Story 2 has to win for me. I love the first one, but the second one has much more of a storyline to it, and its one of the few sequels I actually find myself loving the new characters.

Toy Story 2 is my favourite in the franchise, though to be fair that's probably because I've watched it more times than the other three. I didn't really grow up with the first Toy Story, but I did with the second one. Also to echo MysticSpoon, the second one does have more of a deeper meaning to it about growing up and moving on; it pretty much summed up the entire plot of Toy Story 3 in a 3-minute song sequence (which incidentally, is a wonderful song). The emotional moments, when they come, are more hard-hitting yet more subtle for me than those in either 1 or 3. So yeah, number 2 ftw!

Toy Story is a movie with a permanent home as one of the great films of all-time. It's advancements in the genre of animation is 2nd only to the invention of color. It's story is one of heart, creativity, and warmth. It's a timeless message of what makes a family and the sacrifices you become willing to make for them. Jessie's montage in Toy Story 2 is one of the most beautiful cinematic journeys ever shown in animation, but the sequel can't stack up to the original here.

Toy Story is the original so I have to pick it.

Quite honestly, I think the 2nd is better than the first. It's my favourite out of the trilogy.


Like choosing between kids

I think 2 is the weakest of the trilogy the first is the best of the trilogy

the Original will always be my favorite.just a better opening scene and better story.

Shiiiiiit. Toy story 1 cause it started it all

the first was a delight

Toy Story 1!

The original for sure. I enjoy Toy Story 2 but it's always been the weakest installment for me.

Since Toy Story was the first full length CGI film, it has to be the winner of this matchup. Just like Snow White vs the Lion King.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is like almost impossible. I'm pretty sure I'm like the only one who didn't think Jessie to be annoying, and actually resonated with her inner emotional story. Nevertheless, despite the humor within TS2 and the drama created in the climax, TS was more nail-biting, smart, and felt like it had more human backstory to Buzz especially when he learned he was a toy, and thus TS wins out, although very, very narrowly.

Toy Story 2 > Toy Story 3 > Toy Story

For me orignal toy story wins out here

TS2 improved upon the original, but Toy Story is the OG.


Toy Story 2, IMHO, isn't quite a masterpiece - which Toy Story is.

Both are the 2 best Pixar movies, but Toy Story 2 was better

Toy Story is undebatebly a classic, and it changed animation forever. However, IMHO, it wasn't that good as a stand alone movie. I never felt the emotion like everybody else supposedly does, it wasn't especially funny like Monsters, inc, or Cars. Toy Story 2, though, was hilarious, had a very sad, sad part, and was an all around good movie. While niether of them are especially great in my eyes, the winner is quite obvious. Toy Story 2 wins for sure, because it was funnier, more emotional, had the better plot, and was just more enjoyable as a whole.

When, it comes down to it, the question is which of the two movies is more enjoyable? The original takes it for me

Toy Story is a classic, but Toy Story really tugs my heartstrings more... tough choice.

i enjoyed more the sequel but the first toy story is cool too

original toy story all the way for me


The original definitely, although all of them are fantastic, but can't wait for Toy Story 4 to come!

I love both of them, but I think Toy Story 1 is better

Love all 4 films impact the franchise.

However unpopular this may be, I SLIGHTLY liked Toy Story 2 more than the first, but I really like both.

Toy story is my favorite film my vote is on the original toy story


Nothing beats the original !

Full disclosure: for some reason I only saw Toy Story 2 as a kid, never the first one, but it's still an incredibly close match-up. I gotta go with 2, simply because the humans look less nightmarish. Maybe that's unfair, or maybe it really is that I only have fond childhood memories of the second one, but I gotta make the decision somehow!

Toy Story 1 is massively overrated. It's not the best Toy Story, and certainly not the best Pixar movie. It lacks the emotional depth of 2 and 3, even if it is very funny and entertaining. It's predecessors have much more compelling stories and themes. Toy Story 1 is great, but 2 improves on what made the original so great. It's more compelling, introduces great characters, more emotional, uses the side characters better, uses Woody better, and sets the stage for the sequels perfectly with the themes it introduces and the questions it asks, most notably, "What happens to a toy when their owner grows up?". Toy Story 2 wins this one.

The Toy Story sequels are overrated, I don't think any of them were bad but I don't think any of them matches the original, though Toy Story 2 comes the closest, but Toy Story 1 is still the franchise's gold standard.

I love all the Toy Story movies. But this isn't close, there is a massive quality gap between 1 and 2


The first one is and will always be the best.