Toy Story 2 vs. Toy Story 4



Going with 4.

I never thought this would be close. Toy Story 3 had already let me down, falling way short of the first two, yet ended on a seemingly perfect note. Toy Story 4 sounded like as needless a sequel as Monsters University, worrying me to the point that I didn't allow myself to get any more excited than thinking "maybe it'll be better than MU, at least?" What I got was a movie that might match, or have the edge on, TS2 in the laughs category, and could possibly edge it (my favorite Toy Story) out on successive rewatches... but not yet. Not after just one viewing. It and the original have been important movies for me for too long to be unseated that quickly.

Four wins easily for me...

After my third viewing, I'm giving the slightest of edges to TS4, as its themes and messages resonate with me more as an adult, and it's a smidgen funnier.

2 by far

I loved Toy Story 4, and yes it is the funniest, but the plot, emotions and themes were all better in 2. And for the record, Jesse's flashback and the scene where the toys find Woody again are two of my favourite moments in the entire franchise!

4 easily.


2 was more endearing.

4 was the best.

2 is still the best in the series


4 wins in my opinion.