Toy Story 2 vs. Incredibles 2



Both are great sequels, but I think Toy Story 2 wins since Incredibles 2 wasn't as good as the first whereas Toy Story 2 was better than the first

Toy Story 2 expands on what made the original so good. Incredibles 2, IMO, took out a lot of what made the original so good. There wasn't much character development, no truly emotional scenes, and it wasn't as deep or mature as the first. Toy Story 2 wins for me.

Toy Story 2...but it's close....

While I like both sequels, neither top the original films, but I get that that is a pretty tall order. Out of these two follow-ups, I'm siding with Toy Story 2. I liked the direction they took with Incredibles 2, but it didn't seem to have as much to offer as Toy Story 2 does