Toy Story 2 vs. Cars




One of Pixar's greats vs. Pixar's very good. Toy Story 2 wins.

Cars is still my favorite Pixar.

Equals only in animation, Cars is swell but Toy Story 2 is so well written, so really populated, so affecting it's no contest.

Toy Story 2 wins here. Cars is also great.

What, Cars is your favorite!? Really!? Oh well, your subject to your own opinion but boy, TS2 beats the living shit out of Cars. Cars is completely meh, TS2 is completely awesome!

I think Toy Story 2 is a little bit overrated, and Cars is a little bit underrated. But Toy Story 2 is my favorite of the these two.

TS2 by freaking miles. Car's mile-to-gallon ratio isn't too shiny.

Woody and Lightning McQueen are similar characters in that they both end up in a world they didn't know existed and are presented a compelling case to stay where they are instead of going home where they're from. Toy Story 2 is the better story, but not by much. Both are beautiful stories of finding where you belong.

TS2 but not by much.a mile or two.

I've always enjoyed Cars. I used to not like Toy Story 2 when I first saw it in theaters but I've come to like it more as time has gone on, especially after I saw Toy Story 3. I might have to side with Toy Story 2 here.

Both very good, but I'll give the edge to Toy Story 2.

Toy Story 2 for sure

People are choosing Cars? Shit, a pig just flew by my window. Free bacon!

Although I think Toy Story 2 is overated, I just love Cars. The soundtrack, The beautiful animation and the charismatic characters are points for John Lasseter's movie.

heapshake, HorrorHistorian, Wade, and "Ultron" are making me laugh:

Cars by a hair

Opinion changed, I think I like Toy Story 2 a tiny bit better.


Both are wonderful but to infinity and beyond the winner is Toy Story 2.